The treatments are always preceded by the establishment of a treatment plan, including a cost estimate. This first examination is free of charge.

You will also receive the proposals in writing, the acceptance of which will mean your consent to the treatment.

Our practice is also responsible for the work of the laboratory, which works closely with us. We only use the materials and technologies accepted in the EU, respecting all the steps and checking all the stages of the process.

We can give a much longer guarantee on our work. However, this can only apply in the case of technical errors. Unfortunately, there is currently no guarantee against illness.

The warranty period depends on the materials used:

Porcelain and metal structural elements 2 years

Plastic parts 1 year

functional parts e.g. E.g.: push button 1 year

If the implants break  within 5 years, we will put in a new one if possible.

The prerequisite for the guarantee is the annual inspection!


The guarantee does not apply in the following cases:

If the patient neglects oral hygiene or even if the patient does not comply with the dentist's instructions (for example, if he does not wear his occlusal night splints or even if he eats something that the dentist has forbidden or not recommended). If he is treated during the treatment or afterwards in another practice (exception: with the consent of our dentist). If the patient does not store and care for their partial or full dentures correctly. When both the edges of the crowns are exposed due to gum or bone loss and when the implants become loose as a result. When the patient loses or gains a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. Because of an injury, for example a sports injury. When the condition of the teeth and bones are negatively affected by a disease (for example: because of diabetes, epilepsy, bone loss (osteoporosis) or chemotherapy). If the patient does not have their provisional/temporary dentures replaced by a permanent one on the agreed date. If the patient does not inform the clinic in good time in the event of a problem.