The colour of our teeth can be different, it depends on our genes. The colour of them is, however, not stable, it is changing with time -unfortunately the teeth are getting darker, yellower'. 

Beyond the natural fading due to ages, coloured beverages (coffee, tea, coke) or cigarettes absorb into the enamel. The greyish discolouration of root filled teeth is also an inner change.

Modern tooth whitening treatments applied for real discolouration give excellent aesthetic results. Depending on the type and degree of discolouration different treatments are necessary. Whitening of teeth takes place in the dental surgery and needs one or two times' treatment. It is very important that the treatment can be carried out only in healthy mouth cavity. Therefore, before tooth whitening removal of the tartar - which can cause gingititis - and the treatment of carious teeth are indispensable. 

Ultradent - the American material used for whitening doesn't do any harm to your teeth. It can be used both for vital, darker coloured teeth and for non-vital treated toothwhitening. Every treatment lasts 15 minutes. In order to protect the gums we use a special light-hardening material which protects the gum and is easy and painless to remove after the end of the treatment.